Products and Services


  1. Hydraulic Turbine
    • Cross Flow Turbines
    • Turgo Turbines
    • Francis Turbine
    • Pelton Turbine
    • Kaplan Turbine
  2. Hydro Generator and Excitation System
    • Synchronous Generator
    • Asynchronous Generator
    • Static and Brushless Excitation System with AVR
  3. Electro-Hydraulic Governing System
  4. SCADA System & Plant Automation Control Equipment
  5. Power Transformer (outdoor)
  6. 11kV, 22kV, 33kV, 69kV, 115kV, 123kV Switchyard Equipment
    • Disconnecting Switch
    • Circuit Breaker (Gas / Vacuum)
    • Instrument Transformer for Protection, Metering and AVR Control
    • Teleprotection & Communication System
    • Capacitive Voltage Transformer
    • Lightning Arrester
    • Steel Supports and Structures
    • Substation Grounding System
  7. 11kV, 22kV, 33kV, 69kV, 115kV, 123kV Transmission & Distribution Lines
  8. Medium Voltage Switchgears
    • 3.3kV Indoor/ Outdoor Switchgear
    • 6.6kV Indoor/ Outdoor Switchgear
  9. Low Voltage Switchgears and Station Service System
    • Low Voltage Switchgear
    • Motor Control Centers
    • Main Distribution Board
    • Standby Diesel Generator
    • Station Service Transformer
  10. DC System
    • Battery and Battery Charger Panel
    • Inverter Panel
  11. Station Auxiliary Equipment such as Power, Control and Instrument Cables, Cable Trays, Ladders, Wire ways, etc.


  1. Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Trading, Delivery, Installation, Supervision and Commissioning for New Electromechanical Equipment and Plant Auxiliaries.
  2. Investigation, Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Delivery, Installation, Supervision and Commissioning for Renovation and Upgrading of Existing Electromechanical Equipment.
  3. Implementation and Development of New Hydropower Project (Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Study)
  4. Preparation of Bidding / Tender Documents, Specifications and Drawings for Hydropower Project
  5. Operation and Maintenance Services